mercredi 9 novembre 2011

Jour de Fête à l'atelier Bo Halbirk

Christmas is coming!    Feast at the workshop B.H.

The Atelier Bo Halbirk opens its doors on Wednesday, 2nd of December 2011 from 6 PM and Saturday, 3rd from 2 PM,

and offers you THE solution for your holiday presents and greeting cards.
You'll find at exceptional prices:
- Prestigious greeting cards, handmade and printed by the artists of the studio. No need to write walls of text anymore, our greeting cards are so fine that your correspondent will not even want to read what is written on the other side.
- Beautiful prints by the artists of our collection. If your child asks for a Playstation for Christmas, give him a print. He had it coming.

All the benefits will help support the studio, and thus the artists.

So prepare your wallets !

Kind regards,  Bo Halbirk